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August 2017

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I hope the refreshed web site pleases. It is intended to be more user friendly for mobiles and tablets. Comments are welcome. Over the coming period the 'Gallery' will be extended. Some interesting collections have arrived over the last month, including some uncommon political fiction some of which has been listed and the rest will appear in the next catalogue. There is a collection of nineteenth century Annual Reports from the Amalgamated Society of Engineers, and another of anti-Boer War leaflets and pamphlets.

Updates of my Bibliography of the CPGB will appear shortly. Now that that project is completed I am turning to research on a long-planned history of the Radical Book Trade. It will range from 1790 to the present, covering the fight against the Tax on Knowledge, Chartism, Secularism, Co-operation, socialist organisations from the Fabians to the Maoists and all in between. It looks as if magazines will be a focal point of the study of these movements. Plus bookshops and distribution, printers and libraries. And I won't be ignoring the spoken word. I would like to cover the rest of the world as well as the UK, but that might be a second volume...!

Stacked Books


Every three months we will list a new selection of bargains – these have to be ordered direct from us and not via ABE, where they are listed at the full price. The bargain price is given in brackets after the current price.

Please note that description of condition of book comes first then condition of dustwrapper if there is one. Please see our bargains below:

[000600] Goss, S. LOCAL LABOUR AND LOCAL GOVERNMENT - STUDY OF CHANGING INTERESTS, POLITICS & POLICY IN SOUTHWARK, 1919-82. Edinburgh U. P., 1988. Hb. VG/VG. 217pp  £6.00 [£2.00]

[002250] Silver, E. VICTOR FEATHER, T.U.C. Gollancz, 1973. HB. Good+ / Good. 226pp  £6.00  [£3.00]

[005296] Marston, Maurice. SIR EDWIN CHADWICK. London: Roadmaker Series/L Parsons, 1925. Hb. Very Good / Good. 186pp Nice copy.  £10.00  [£5.00]

[007451] Morley, J. THE LIFE OF RICHARD COBDEN 2 Vols. Fisher Unwin, 1896. Hb. Good 468pp/509pp  £15.00  [£7.00]

[007650] Khrushchov, N (Khrushchev). REPORT TO THE 19th PARTY CONGRESS ON AMENDMENTS TO THE RULES OF THE CPSU(B). Foreign Languages Publishing House, 1952. Pamphlet. Good 38pp  £5.00  [£2.00]

[008935] Salt, Henry S. RICHARD JEFFERIES: HIS LIFE AND HIS IDEALS. Arthur C Fifield, 1905. Hardcover. Good / No Jacket. 119pp Edges very slightly soiled.  £16.00  [£8.00]

[009280] Knight, Frida. UNIVERSITY REBEL - THE LIFE OF WILLIAM FREND, 1757-1841. Victor Gollancz, 1971. Hb.  Good+ / Good+. 320pp  Radical, Unitarian, pacifist.  £16.00  [£8.00]

[009285] Iconoclast (Hamilton Mary Agnes). THE MAN OF TOMORROW - J RAMSAY MACDONALD. Independent Labour Party, 1923. Hb. Good / No Jacket. 288pp Frontispiece with tissue guard.  £16.00  [£7.00]

[009907] Perry, Roland. THE EXILE: BURCHETT - REPORTER OF CONFLICT. Heinemann Australia, 1988. Hb. Very Good / Good. 258pp From the library of Eric Heffer, MP - with his ownership signature.  £8.00 [£4.00]

[010132] King, J. BOLSHEVISM & BOLSHEVIKS. ILP, 1919. Pamphlet. Good 20pp Rusty staple. £20.00 [£10.00]

[010428] Scholem, Gershom. WALTER BENJAMIN: THE STORY OF A FRIENDSHIP. London: Faber and Faber, 1982. First Edition. Hb. Good+ / Good. 242pp 1st English edition.  £15.00  [£7.00]

[010485] Roberts, B C. LABOUR IN THE TROPICAL TERRITORIES OF THE COMMONWEALTH. London: LSE/G Bell, 1964. First Edition. Hb. Good+ / Good. 426pp  £25.00  [£5.00]

[010815] "The Professor". ANGELA . Leisure Books, 1971. Pb. Good   224pp  On Angela Davis  £6.50  [£3.00]

[011143] Winternitz, J. MARXISM AND NATIONALITY. Lawrence and Wishart, 1944. Pamphlet. Good 44pp "Marxism Today Series" No.5  £5.00  [£2.00]

[013447] Gunter, H (ed.) TRANSNATIONAL INDUSTRIAL RELATIONS-THE IMPACT OF MULTI NATIONAL CORPORATIONS & ECONOMIC REGIONALISM ON INDUSTRIAL RELATIONS. Macmillan, 1974. Hb. VG/G. 480pp Proceedings of Symposium by the International Institute for Labour Studies.  £13.00  [£5.00]

[013710] Jacobs, Eric. EUROPEAN TRADE UNIONISM. Croom Helm, 1973. Pb. VG 180pp  £9.00 [£3.00]

[013956] Clarke, John S. CIRCUS PARADE. London: Batsford, 1936. First Edition. Hardcover. Fair / Poor. 120pp + many plates. Left-wing Labour MP and animal trainer. Dustwrapper torn with loss.  £25.00  [£8.00]

[014673] Friedman, I INFLATION - A WORLD-WIDE DISASTER. H Hamilton, 1973. Hb. Good+/G. 304pp  £9.00  [£3.00]

[014679] Thurow, Lester C. THE ZERO-SUM SOCIETY - DISTRIBUTION & THE POSSIBILITIES FOR ECONOMIC CHANGE. Basic Books, 1980. Hb. Good / Good. 230pp  £8.50  [£3.00]
[014681] Davies, Duncan & McCarthy, Callum. INTRODUCTION TO TECHNOLOGICAL ECONOMICS. John Wiley, 1968. Hb. Good / Good. 194pp  £7.50  [£2.00]

[014726] Stearns, Peter. LIVES OF LABOUR - WORK IN A MATURING INDUSTRIAL SOCIETY. Croom Helm, 1975. Hb. Good / Fair. 425pp Looks at Britain, France, Belgium & Germany.  £22.00  [£10.00]

[014895] Scheps, Samuel. THE DETHRONEMENT OF GOLD. Wentworth Press, 1971. Hb. Good / Fair. 180pp  £8.00  [£3.00]

[014896] Knell, Mark & Rider, Christine (ed.). SOCIALIST ECONOMIES IN TRANSITION: APPRAISALS OF THE MARKET MECHANISM. Edward Elgar, 1992. Hardcover. Very Good / Good+.  245pp  £15.00 [£5.00]
[014897] Hoff, Trygve J B. ECONOMIC CALCULATION IN THE SOCIALIST SOCIETY. Liberty Press, 1981. Hb. Good / Fair.. 405pp  £8.00  [£3.00]

[014899] Osadchaya, Irina. KEYNESIANISM TODAY. Progress Publishers, 1983. Hb. G/Fair. 301pp Uncommon.  £15.00  [£7.00]

[016229] Winter, Barry. THE I.L.P. - A BRIEF HISTORY. Leeds: Independent Labour Publications, 1982. Pamphlet. Very Good 17pp A4 format.  £8.00  [£3.00]

[016234] A SOCIALIST POLICY FOR BRITAIN. London: Independent Labour Party, 1935. Pamphlet. Fair 16pp Statement to be Submitted by National Administrative Council of ILP to Annual Conference.  £7.00  [£3.00]

[017388] Heuman, Gad & Walvin, James (ed.). SLAVERY AND ABOLITION Volume 10 No.1, May 1989. F Cass, 1989. Pb. Very Good 103pp Contains "Anti-Slavery Sentiment in Children's Literature 1750-1850", Frederick Lugard's Policies Towards Slavery in Northern Nigeria", "Slave Trading in Jamaica", "Classical Antiquity & the Proslavery Argument" etc.  £8.00  [£3.00]

[017807] Lecher, Wolfgang et al.. THE ESTABLISHMENT OF EUROPEAN WORKS COUNCILS. Aldershot: Ashgate, 1999. First Edition. Hb. Very Good / As issued - no dustwrapper. 278pp  £30.00  [£10.00]
[017927] Khrushchov, N (Khrushchev). TO AVERT WAR, OUR PRIME TASK. Moscow: Foreign Languages Publishing House, 1963. Paperback. Good 175pp  £6.00  [£3.00]

[020627] Tabb, William K & Sawers, Larry (ed.). MARXISM AND THE METROPOLIS: NEW PERSPECTIVES IN URBAN POLITICAL ECONOMY. OUP, 1978. Paperback. Good 376pp  £6.00  [£3.00]

[023648] Khrushchov, N S et al.. THE SITUATION IN THE TAIWAN AREA: POSITION OF THE SOVIET UNION. London: Soviet News, 1958. Pamphlet. Good 27pp Soviet Boklet No.41.  £8.00  [£3.00]

[025365] Miles, Robert & Phizacklea, Annie. RACISM AND POLITICAL ACTION IN BRITAIN. London: Routledge and Kegan Paul, 1979. Paperback. Good 246pp Cover bit creased.  £7.00  [£3.00]

[027164] THE PEOPLE'S EDUCATION. Cambridge: University Labour Federation, 1943. Pamphlet. Good No date (1943?). 27pp Rusty staples. ULF Pamphlet No.11. A history of education in Britain. Uncommon.  £6.00  [£3.00]

[029293] Alexander, Peter. RACISM, RESISTANCE AND REVOLUTION. Bookmarks, 1987. Pb. Good 185pp £6.00  [£2.00]

[030243] Maxton, James. DICTATORS AND DICTATORSHIP. Independent Labour Party, 1932?. Pamphlet. Fair 8pp Staples rusted. Speech to the Civil Service Clerical Association. Rare - only 1 on COPAC.  £15.00  [£7.00]

[030487] Dimitroff, G (Dimitrov). THE TWO YEARS' HEROIC STRUGGLE OF THE SPANISH PEOPLE. London: in "The Communist International" Vol. 16 No.8, August 1938, 1938. Paperback. Good 7pp Cover bit dulled. Some other articles in this journal have ink underlinings.  £12.00  [£6.00]

[030560] Pollitt, Harry. SPAIN: WHAT NEXT? CPGB, 1939. Pamphlet. Fair 16pp  £7.00  [£3.00]

[031224] Gooch, Steve. LANDMARK. Theatre Action Press / Essex University, 1982. Paperback. Good 74pp Introduction based on documentation by an M.A. drama group at Essex University, where the play was first performed. A group of men hold a re-union on a site they played on as teenagers and that is now being fought over by agri-business and the Ministry of Defence.  £20.00  [£10.00]

[031226] Van Gyseghem, Andre;Bishop, John; Parsons, Geoffrey; Beste, R Vernon. TWO ONE-ACT PLAYS:THE THEATRE IS OUR WEAPON + ERNA KREMER OF EBENSTADT. London: Russia Today Society, 1943. Pamphlet. Good No date (c1943). 20pp Uncommon. Cover a bit worn.  £15.00  [£7.00]

[031771] Harrison, J F C & Thompson, Dorothy. BIBLIOGRAPHY OF THE CHARTIST MOVEMENT, 1837-1976. Hassocks: Harvester Press, 1978. Hb. Good+ / Good+.  214pp  £10.00  [£4.00]

[032442] SOCIALISM AND SOCIAL SCIENCE: SELECTED WRITINGS OF ERVIN SZABO (1877-1918). Routledge and Kegan Paul, 1982. Hardcover. Good / Good. 215pp  £10.00  [£4.00]

[032639] Gyford, John; Baker, Richard. LABOUR AND LOCAL POLITICS. London: Fabian Society, 1977. Pamphlet. Very Good  19pp. Fabian Tract 446. Initiatives in Local Government series.  £6.00  [£3.00]

[032724] Carr, E H. THE COMINTERN AND THE SPANISH CIVIL WAR. London: Macmillan, 1984. Hb. Good+ / Good. 111pp Corner of front free endpaper clipped.  £30.00  [£15.00]

[033023] Prieto, Indalecio. REMEMBRANCES AND PERSPECTIVES: A SPEECH BY INDALECIO PRIETO. Spanish Editions, 1938. Pamphlet. Very Good 48pp Speech given in Barcelona 28th August, 1938.  £25.00  [£12.00]

[033024] Blythe, Henry. SPAIN OVER BRITAIN - A STUDY OF THE STRATEGICAL EFFECT OF ITALIAN INTERVENTION ON THE DEFENCE OF THE BRITISH EMPIRE. Routledge, 1937. Hb. Fair 62pp Slight foxing.  £10.00  [£5.00]

[033363] Roberts, B C. NATIONAL WAGES POLICY IN WAR AND PEACE. London: George Allen & Unwin, 1958. Hardcover. Good+ / Fair. 180pp  £7.00  [£3.00]

[034231] Drachkovitch, Milorad (ed.). THE REVOLUTIONARY INTERNATIONALS, 1864-1943. Hoover Institution, Stanford Univ. Press, 1966. Hb. Very Good / No Jacket. 256pp  £20.00  [£10.00]

[034611] Azana, Manuel. SPEECH DELIVERED BY HIS EXCELLENCY DON MANUEL AZANA IN THE BARCELONA CITY HALL, July 18th, 1938. No location stated: Spanish Editions, 1938. Pamphlet. Good 40pp Small format. Azana was President of the Spanish Republic.  £22.00  [£10.00]

[034987] Trotsky, L. THIRST FOR POWER. 1000 Flowers, USA, 2002. Pamphlet. Fine 8pp First direct translation from the Russian of this chapter from "Stalin's Crimes" (1936) about the Zinoviev-Kamenev trial. Intro. and notes by Tim Davenport.  £7.00  [£3.00]

[035310] Tchekhoff, Anton (Chekhov). IVANOFF. London: Brentano's, 1924. Hb. Good / No Jacket. 88pp Attractive cover. Moscow Art Theatre Series of Russian Plays.  £15.00  [£7.00]

[038034] Woolven, Gillian B. PUBLICATIONS OF THE INDEPENDENT LABOUR PARTY. Coventry: Society for the Study of Labour History, 1977. Pamphlet. Very Good 38pp  £30.00  [£15.00]


[040066] Broue, Pierre & Temime, Emile. THE REVOLUTION AND THE CIVIL WAR IN SPAIN. London: Faber and Faber, 1972. Hb. Fine / Good. 591pp Eric Heffer's signature on front end paper.  £30.00  [£15.00]

[040205] Lambert, R S. THE DORSETSHIRE LABOURERS. London: Workers' Educational Association, 1934. Pamphlet. Very Good 24pp Play adapted from the wireless version by W E Williams.  £25.00  [£12.00]

[041418] McAllister, Gilbert. JAMES MAXTON: THE PORTRAIT OF A REBEL. London: John Murray, 1935. First Edition. Hb. Good / No Jacket. 272pp Cover a bit dulled.  £20.00  [£10.00]

[041451] Gilbert, Victor F. LABOUR & SOCIAL HISTORY THESES. Mansell, 1982. Hb. VG /No dw. 194pp. American, British and Irish university theses on British and Irish labour history 1900 - 1978.  £35.00  [£16.00]

[043309] Anand, V S & Ridley, F A. JAMES MAXTON AND BRITISH SOCIALISM. London: Medusa Press, 1970. Pamphlet. Good+ 32pp Uncommon.  £12.00  [£6.00]

[043932] Jones, Len. THE WORKERS' THEATRE IN THE THIRTIES - 10 page article in "Marxism Today" September 1974. London: Marxism Today, 1974. Pamphlet. Good+  £5.00  [£2.00]

[046382] Higdon, T G. THE BURSTON REBELLION. Diss: Trustees of the Burston Strike School , 1984. Pamphlet. Very Good 84pp Reprint.  £6.00  [£3.00]

[046566] Foster, William Z et al.. THE COMMUNIST POSITION ON THE NEGRO QUESTION. New York: New Century Publishers, 1947. Paperback. Good 61pp  £15.00  [£6.00]

[047577] Craton, Michael. THE LATE SLAVE REBELLIONS IN BRITISH WEST INDIES 1816-1832 in "Past and Present" No.85, November 1979. Oxford: Past and Present, Paperback. Very Good 27pp  £6.00  [£3.00]

[047953] Foreign and Commonwealth Office. Nazi Gold: The London Conference. London: The Stationery Office, 1998. Hardcover. Very Good 834pp Corners very slightly bumped. No dustwrapper as issued.  £50.00  [£25.00]

[048560] Various. REPORT OF THE ANNUAL CONFERENCE OF THE LABOUR PARTY 1943. London: Labour Party, 1943. Paperback. Good 238pp Cover slightly marked.  £20.00  [£10.00]

[049002] Mouat, Stella B. VALIANT: A PLAY. London: Theosophical Publishing House, 1939?  Pamphlet. Good 36pp Rusty staples; internally very clean. Features Annie Besant as main character.  £25.00  [£10.00]

[049051] Rice, Elmer. A NEW LIFE. London: Victor Gollancz, 1945. First Edition. Hardcover. Good / Good. 88pp. Slight damage to the corners of dustwrapper.  £8.00  [£4.00]

[049091] Kroetz, F X. FARMYARD & FOUR PLAYS. Pluto/Urizen, 1976. Hb. Good/No dw. 132pp £20.00 [£8.00]

[049732] K.S. STANISLAVSKI: A BRIEF OUTLINE OF HIS LIFE AND WORK. Moscow: Union of Soviet Societies of Friendship & Cultural Relations with Foreign 1962? Pamphlet. Good  28pp Cover worn. £7.00  [£3.00]

[050331] Rothstein, Andrew. MARXISM AFTER 100 YEARS. Newcastle: Tyneside Young Communist League, 1983. Pamphlet. Good 24pp  £5.00  [£2.00]

[052813] Lindsay, Jack. THE CRISIS IN MARXISM. Moonraker, 1981. Hb. VG/VG. 183pp  £8.00  [£4.00]

[052959] Bamber, G & Lansbury, R (ed.). INTERNATIONAL AND COMPARATIVE INDUSTRIAL RELATIONS. Routledge, 1993. Paperback. VG 374pp  2nd edition - completely updated.  £8.00  [£3.00]

[053021] Commission on Industrial Relations. COLLECTION OF CIR REPORTS, STUDIES ETC.. London: HMSO (Her Majesty's Stationery Office), 1970. Paperback. Good+ Complete collection of the Commission on Industrial Relations Reports (1-90), Studies (1-5), plus 3 pamphlets ("Industrial Relations Training - Practical Guide" & "Short Guide"; "Ballots and Union Recognition"). This collection consists of pamphlets and books. No. 88 of the Reports is in large format and crudely printed. 1970-1974. Previous owner's name inside front cover. Condition ranges from Good to Very Good.  £500.00  [£250.00]

[053996] Macardle, Dorothy. THE IRISH REPUBLIC. Left Book Club/Gollancz, 1938. Soft cloth. Good+ 1072pp. 3rd impression. Some minor wear to spine. both fold out maps at end are intact. A very bright cover.  £50.00  [£25.00]

[054598] Simon, Brian. WHAT FUTURE FOR EDUCATION? L&W, 1992. Pb. New 208pp  £7.00  [£3.00]

[055577] Dobb, Maurice. MARX AS AN ECONOMIST. L&W, 1943. Pamphlet. Good 32pp £5.00  [£2.00]

[058672] Cummins, Ian. MARX, ENGELS & NATIONAL MOVEMENTS. Croom Helm, 1980. Hb. G+/G. 205pp  £8.00  [£4.00]

[059427] Rubinstein, David. SOCIALISM & THE LABOUR PARTY - THE LABOUR LEFT AND DOMESTIC POLICY, 1945-50. Leeds: Independent Labour Publications, 1980?  Pamphlet. Good  32pp  £6.00  [£2.00]

[059586] Harman, Chris & Peers, Dave. UNEMPLOYMENT AND HOW TO FIGHT IT. London: International Socialists/Pluto Press, 1971. Pamphlet. Good 27pp  £6.00  [£3.00]

[059871] Makarenko, A S. PROBLEMS OF SOVIET SCHOOL EDUCATION. Progress Publishers, 1965. Hb. Very Good 154pp 4 lectures by the most famous Soviet educationalist, with an introduction on his work. No dustwrapper as issued.  £8.00  [£4.00]

[060014] Eatwell, Roger & Wright, Anthony. THE 1945-1951 LABOUR GOVERNMENTS. London: Batsford, 1979. Paperback. Good 185pp  £7.00  [£3.00]

[060977] Gilbert, A. MARX'S POLITICS: COMMUNISTS & CITIZENS. M Robertson, 1981. Pb. Good 326pp  £20.00  [£6.00]

[060980] Therborn, G. SCIENCE, CLASS AND SOCIETY. NLB, 1976. Hb. Good+/No dw. 461pp  £8.00  [£3.00]

[061798] Desai, M (ed.). MARXIAN ECONOMIC THEORY. Gray-Mills, 1974. Pb. Good 157pp  £7.00 [£3.00]

[061902] Rattansi, A & Reeder, D (ed.). RETHINKING RADICAL EDUCATION: ESSAYS IN HONOUR OF BRIAN SIMON. L&W, 1992. Paperback. 319pp As new. Includes a Bibliography of Simon's works.  £8.00  [£4.00]

[062176] Mortimer, Jim. THE FORMATION OF THE LABOUR PARTY: LESSONS FOR TODAY. London: Socialist History Society, 2000. Pamphlet. 36pp As new. Author was trade union activist who became full-time officer for the Draughtsmen's Union, first Chairman of ACAS and Generally Secretary of the Labour Party.  £5.00  [£2.00]

[063250] Various. THE WORLD WE MEAN TO MAKE. London: British Youth Peace Assembly, 1936. Pamphlet. Good 36pp Rare. Rusty staples  £10.00  [£5.00]

[063289] Bukharin, N. THE ECONOMIC THEORY OF THE LEISURE CLASS. London: Martin Lawrence, 1928. Hb. Good / No Jacket. No date (late 1920s). 220pp  £8.00  [£4.00]

[063975] Hepple, Bob. RACE, JOBS & THE LAW IN BRITAIN. Allen Lane, 1968. Hb. Good+ / Good. 256pp  £10.00  [£4.00]

[064388] Khrushchov, N (Khrushchev). IMPERIALISM - ENEMY OF THE PEOPLE, ENEMY OF PEACE. Moscow: Foreign Languages Publishing House, 1963. Paperback. Fair  125pp  £6.00  [£3.00]

[065259] Institute of Marxism-Leninism, CPSU (ed.). DOCUMENTS OF THE FIRST INTERNATIONAL 5 volumes. Lawrence and Wishart, 1970. Hb. Good+ / Good. No date (c1970). Complete set.  £120.00  [£60.00]

[066223] Clasquin, B et al (ed.) Wage and Welfare: New Perspectives on Employment and Social Rights in Europe.Presses Interuniversitaires Europeennes/Peter Lang, 2004. 1st Edition.  Pb.   Fine  208pp  £25.00  [£10.00]

[066551] REPORT OF THE 68th (SIXTY-EIGHTH) ANNUAL CONFERENCE OF THE LABOUR PARTY, BRIGHTON, 1969. London: Labour Party, 1969. Paperback. Very Good 414pp  £20.00  [£8.00]

[066953] McDougall, Ian (ed.). AN INTERIM BIBLIOGRAPHY OF THE SCOTTISH WORKING CLASS MOVEMENT AND OF OTHER LABOUR RECORDS HELD IN SCOTLAND. Edinburgh: Society for the Study of Labour History, Scottish Committee, 1965. Paperback. Good 142pp Large format.  £18.00  [£9.00]


[067279] Kolarz, Walter (ed.). BOOKS ON COMMUNISM: A BIBLIOGRAPHY. Ampersand, 1963. Hb. Good / No Jacket. 568pp From the library of Erna Bennett - one of world's leading plant geneticists, linguist and a lifelong communist. With her attractive small bookplate and initials.  £6.00  [£3.00]

[067796] Mortimer, Jim. UNIONS AND THE LABOUR PARTY: INDEPENDENT BUT LINKED. MSF (Manufacturing Science Finance), London Regional Council, 1993. Pamphlet. Very Good 22pp Author had been General Secretary of the Labour Party, 1982-5, and the first Chairman of ACAS. Uncommon.  £6.00  [£3.00]

[068060] Searle, Chris. AN EXCLUSIVE EDUCATION: RACE, CLASS AND EXCLUSION IN BRITISH SCHOOLS. London: Lawrence and Wishart, 2001. First Edition. Paperback. New 185pp  £10.00  [£5.00]

[068357] Spours, Ken et al. COMMUNIST UNIVERSITY OF LONDON EDUCATION PAPERS. CUL/CPGB, 1977. Pb. VG 80pp  Includes B Simon, F Rickword, M Levitas; articles on Intelligence Testing, Sexism in Schools, Black Child's Experience in Education etc. From the 9th CUL. Uncommon.  £15.00  [£7.00]

[068478] Hobsbawm, Eric. REVOLUTIONARIES. Weidenfeld & Nicolson, 1973. First Edition. Hardcover. Good+ / Good+. 278pp From the library of Erna Bennett - With her attractive small bookplate and initials.  £25.00  [£12.00]
[068585] Lewis, John; Polanyi, Karl; Kitchin, Donald K (ed.). CHRISTIANITY AND THE SOCIAL REVOLUTION. Left Book Club/Victor Gollancz, 1937. Soft cloth. Good+ 526pp,xxv. Top edge is slightly dulled; text is very clean. Contributors include W H Auden, Conrad Noel, Roy Pascal, Joseph Needham, John Macmurray, John Cornford, A L Morton et al.   £40.00  [£20.00]

[069126] Irish Freedom Movement. THE IRISH FREEDOM MOVEMENT HANDBOOK: THE IRISH WAR. Junius Publications, 1985.   Paperback. Good+  138pp  A very clean copy.  2nd updated edition   £15.00  [£4.00]
[069629] Goodwin, Pete. IS THERE A FUTURE FOR THE LABOUR LEFT? SWP, 1983. Pamphlet. Good+  47pp  £5.00  [£2.00]

[070694] Zacher, Dr.. THE RED INTERNATIONAL. London: Swan Sonnenschein, Le Bas & Lowrey, 1885. Hardcover. Good+ / No Jacket. 167pp T A Jackson's copy of a rare book, rebound in red cloth. Translated by E M Geldart.  £95.00  [£45.00]

[070713] Foot, Michael. ARMISTICE 1918-39. London: George G Harrap, 1940. First Edition. Hardcover. Signed by Author. Fair / No Jacket. 274pp Unpreposessing exterior: very faded and worn - especially the spine band which is present and almost intact (very slight loss at head and tail) but torn at edges. Trace of Boots Library sticker on front cover. Internally clean. With dedication by Foot to Jim Mortimer (General Secretary of the Labour Party) "with fraternal recollections of meetings".  £30.00  [£15.00]

[071298] Simon, Brian. A LIFE IN EDUCATION. L&W, 1998. Pb. Fine 184pp Simon was a leading educational historian and campaigner for comprehensive education, and a life-long member of the CPGB.  £10.00 [£5.00]

[072274] Lash, Scott. The Militant Worker: Class and Radicalism in France and America. London: Heinemann, 1984. Paperback. Good 264pp A few creases to cover. With a personal dedication by the author.  £10.00  [£5.00]

[073047] Clough, Robert. LABOUR: A PARTY FIT FOR IMPERIALISM. London & Glasgow: Larkin Publications, 1992. Paperback. Very Good 190pp Revolutionary Communist Group perspective.  £6.00  [£3.00]

[073736] Leibzon, B. ANARCHISM, TROTSKYISM, MAOISM. Novosti Press Agency, 1970? Pb. Good+ 144pp Small format. Cover slightly worn. Uncommon.  £8.00  [£4.00]

[073909] Haag, Lina. HOW LONG THE NIGHT. Left Book Club/Gollancz, 1948. Hb. VG / no dw. 190pp Autobiography of German Young Communist, whose husband, a Communist member of the regional parliament imprisoned in Mauthausen and Dachau. Amazingly she was freed in 1938 and continued to fight for her husband's release, even being allowed to put her case to Himmler - and she succeeded. He was released but later conscripted to the Eastern Front, where he was captured by the Russians and only released in 1948. Exterior a bit worn, and slight stress at endpapers. Rare. Paper a little tanned but a very tight, clean copy.  £70.00  [£35.00]

[074266] Hallas, Duncan. TROTSKY'S MARXISM. Pluto Press, 1979. Paperback. VG 122pp  £6.00  [£3.00]

[074384] Hunter, Bill. LIFELONG APPRENTICESHIP: LIFE AND TIMES OF A REVOLUTIONARY. Porcupine Press, 1998. Paperback. Fine 435pp Autobiography of a leading Trotskyist on Merseyside, £7.00  [£3.00]

[074512] Trotsky, L. THE DEATH AGONY OF CAPITALISM AND THE TASKS OF THE FOURTH INTERNATIONAL: THE TRANSITIONAL PROGRAMME. London: WRP, 1975. Pamphlet. Good+ 63pp With Statutes of the Fourth International.  £4.50  [£2.00]

[075205] Fyrth, Jim (ed.). LABOUR'S PROMISED LAND? Lawrence and Wishart, 1995. First Edition. Paperback. New 320pp Contributors include John Callaghan, Christine Collette, Andy Croft, Rosalind Delmar, Martin Durham, Roger Fieldhouse, Steven Fielding, Jim Fyrth, Victor Kiernan, Steve Parsons et al.  £15.00  [£7.00]

[075829] Timperley, H J. WHAT WAR MEANS: THE JAPANESE TERROR IN CHINA. Left Book Club, 1938. Hb. Good.  288pp    Top edge and spine slightly dulled. A clean, tight copy.  £70.00  [£35.00]

[076059] Khrushchov, Nikita (Khrushchev). REPORT TO THE 22nd CONGRESS OF THE CPSU. London: Soviet Booklet No.80, 1961. Pamphlet. Good 99pp  £6.00  [£3.00]

[077085] Grierson, Philip. BOOKS ON SOVIET RUSSIA, 1917-1942. London: Methuen, 1943. Hardcover. Good / No Jacket. 354pp A useful annotated bibliography.  £10.00  [£5.00]

[078313] Matgamna, S (ed.|; Shachtman, Max; Draper, Hal; James, C L R. The Fate of the Russian Revolution: Lost Texts of Critical Marxism, Volume 1. Phoenix Pres  WL Publications, 1998. Pb. VG 603pp  £13.00  [£6.00]

[078656] Trotsky, L. SOVIET ECONOMY IN DANGER: THE EXPULSION OF ZINOVIEV. Pioneer Publishers for the Communist League of America (Opposition), 1933. First Edition. Pamphlet. Good 67pp  £20.00  [£10.00]

[080581] Willan, Brian. Sol Plaatje: South African Nationalist, 1876-1932. London: Heinemann, 1984. First Edition. Paperback. Good+ 436pp Plaatje was the first Secretary of the African National Congress and the author of the first novel in English written by a black South African ('Mhudi').  £10.00  [£10.00]

[081174] Ashtiany, S BRITAIN'S MIGRANT WORKERS Fabian Society, 1976. Pamphlet. VG 25pp £6.00  [£2.00]

[081177] Cook, Dave. A KNIFE AT THE THROAT OF US ALL - RACISM AND THE NATIONAL FRONT. London: Communist Party of Great Britain, 1978. Pamphlet. Good 31pp  £5.00  [£2.00]

[081178] Sharma, Vishnu. NO RACIST IMMIGRATION LAWS CPGB 1979. Pamphlet. VG 20pp  £7.00  [£3.00]

[081195] Bell, Andrew. AGAINST RACISM AND FASCISM IN EUROPE . Socialist Group, European Parliament, 1986. Paperback. Good 48pp  £5.00  [£2.00]

[081458] Lichtheim, George. LUKACS. Fontana, 1970. Pb. Good 141pp Modern Masters series.  £4.00  [£2.00]

[082009] Murphy J T. THE WORKERS' COMMITTEE: AN OUTLINE OF ITS PRINCIPLES AND STRUCTURE. London: Pluto Press, 1972. Pamphlet. Good+  28pp Reprint of 1917 edition.  £4.00  [£2.00]

[082106] Heffer, Eric. LABOUR'S FUTURE - SOCIALIST OR SDP MARK 2? Verso, 1986. Pb. Good 159pp  £9.00  [£4.00]


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